Change starts with a perspective shift,
from limited and linear to a 360° view of what’s already here.

Why We Do What We Do

Because We Heard You.

We heard this common cry from countless small towns:

“we have so much to offer, but no one knows about it!”

Because Enough is Enough.

We are done watching entrepreneurs, skilled workers, artists, and friends and family leave or pass over our small towns and rural communities.

Because Family.

When our kids and grandkids are putting down roots, we want our towns to be strong contenders: full of opportunity, community pride, and connected generations and cultures.

For Organizations & Promoters

What'sUp for Businesses

We make local the focus with our revolutionary, 360° approach to community business directories. Local businesses and services are the backbone of our communities. Let us give you the extra support and connection you’ve been missing, and help you promote yourself in your own community and far beyond!

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What'sUp for Event Promotion

We completely disrupted the frustrating norm of event planning and promotion with a revolutionary, 360° approach to community and event calendars. With the What'sUp 24/7 platform, be heard through all the noise, avoid double booked dates, and bring awareness to your events locally and across your region!

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What'sUp for Destination Promotion

We are leveling the playing fields with a revolutionary, 360° approach to destination promotion. Unlike other travel sites or destination listings we charge an affordable flat fee, so smaller destinations don’t need deep pockets to compete. The What'sUp 24/7 platform is an affordable way to attract more patrons, regionally, and beyond!

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*Select the Destination option during registration. All Destinations are subject to review by the What'sUp team and/or your locally designated Community Connector.