What's Up 24/7...

is an information platform that promotes awareness of all the happenings, attractions and businesses all around us.

We aren’t lacking people, or even things to do and places to go! What we are lacking is clear communication and cross-community awareness. WhatsUp 24/7 makes up where our communities are falling short.

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Our Mission:

To make life better, everywhere.
For everyone.

Our Story:

Promotion from Smallville to Metropolis; making regionalism work - for everyone.

One of our founders (the "Chief Dreamer") is from Alexandria, Indiana. During his years in rural leadership he heard a cry from countless communities like his: "we have so much to offer...but no one knows about it!" In 2011 he envisioned a dynamic, customizable, ever expanding solution. A solution that with the help of his business partner and team is now Whatsup247.com.

What's Up 24/7 was originally designed with Rural America in mind, but our network crosses the divide into metropolis. And unites entire regions by offering a true, 360 degree view of what everyone has to offer - because together we are stronger.